Top 5 gift ideas for your geeky boyfriend

Is your man a serious gamer? The type that is logged into his Xbox all night, chats in online forums about the latest comic books, tries to explain binary codes over dinner, lectures you daily about how there will never be another game like Super Mario? Then why not make him wear his Geek status proudly with one of these 5 unique T-short designs for your Geeky boyfriend..

  • For the man that debates who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman.. sure it might not contain an actual superhero inside, but you can be sure he is gonna love it…


  • For your computer programmer man who talks binary codes in his sleep…its definitely more than 1/10 who would love this beauty..


  • Evolution & Super Mario?? what more needs to be said on this clever design


  • Yeh he’s a gamer but he’s also got a swagger that would make Kanye West turn around…then give him the best of both worlds on one fancy T-shirt

  • Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, Batman… he can’t decide who he prefers, and why should he? Wear them all proudly with their secret aliases on this funky tee for superhero devotees



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